Selling your Edmonton Home for Sale—for Top Dollar!


If you’re considering putting your Edmonton home on the market, I’ll bet you’re looking to get one or both of the following: it sells for the highest price possible, and/or the quickest sale possible. Both are possible—if you’ve got the right agent. And on top of that, the process should be relatively hassle-free, because feeling comfortable and confident can be just as important as the two factors above.

These are always my goals for my sellers, to sell their Edmonton home for sale in the timeframe they need, for the price their home deserves, and in a manner that has them feeling happy and confident throughout.

My client-first approach is geared around empathy, information (again, there’s no ‘stupid questions’ in real estate!), marketing and expertise. Part of my personal expertise is in the proper marketing of your home—to expose it to enough consumers who will pay top dollar. And I work until the property is sold…I don’t just ‘list it and hope for the best’.

With my extensive knowledge of the Edmonton real estate market I understand what the market wants to see in your home, and how to price your home accordingly (slightly lower in certain times to encourage a bidding war, and higher in other times to encourage higher offers).

Beyond the mechanics, of marketing and negotiation, I am with you throughout the entire process. I’ll answer all of your questions, and ensure that you’re armed with the right information to make an informed decision (and not a pressured one!).
And remember—I don’t get paid until your home sells! But more than that, I’ll work hard for every dollar.

A Personal Consult

To begin, let’s get together for a personal consultation of your home. In that meeting I can assess your property, and your needs as a seller. I’ll also explain my marketing plan for your home, including listing details, marketing/advertising opportunities, small home-improvement tasks that can add thousands to your home’s value….and explain today’s market as it relates to your home. We can also talk about your next property, and how to best leverage both transactions.
Not only will this consult give me the opportunity to create a custom plan-of-attack for your home’s sale…it will also give you the opportunity to understand the relationship I build with my clients.

Generally after one consult sellers are keen to work with me, but it’s of course a no-obligation consultation.


So, let’s get together to chat.