Selecting your Agent

Have you chosen a personal Edmonton real estate agent—who is invested in your success?

If you’re thinking about buying and don’t have an agent yet, then you’ve probably started looking in your own. Perhaps you’ve searched on, attended some open houses, or called some For-Sale signs. But do you plan on going it alone?

An experienced Edmonton Real Estate Professional, like myself, can save you time, money—and more importantly, from pulling your hair out. And in the end it costs you surprisingly little. Statistics have proven this time and time again.

But you don’t just need a Real Estate Pro, you need a personal agent—who is personally invested in your success. And that’s my goal. My goal is to find my clients their dream home, that works with their budget, goals and comfort level.

Your Edmonton Real Estate Sales Rep Works on your Behalf

Your Edmonton Real Estate Agent should work for you…to make your life easier, and to offer insights that will help you make smart decisions and an easier real estate transaction. Knowing the local real estate market—like I do—is critical to your success (both financially, and to keep you from pulling your hair out). During property showings I’d give you the inside scoop on the property (which I’d researched beforehand) in terms of the market. I’ll also point out potential problem and pain points, which you might not recognize (and of course you wouldn’t—it’s not your specialty!).

The Offer—And Beyond

When you find your dream home is my time to really shine. I’ll help you craft an enticing offer (that still works in your favour), and then negotiate from there.

Having an agent negotiating on your behalf is critical—because the seller agent will be negotiating (and advising you) on the seller’s behalf. And they’re legally required to do so (so this isn’t a ‘worst-case scenario’).

The simple fact is that you deserve to have someone fighting on your behalf, based on expertise that will help you succeed.

What to Look for in an Edmonton Real Estate Agent:

When buying or selling Edmonton real estate, you ideally want an agent who:

1. Has proven success and expertise in the Edmonton real estate market.
2. Is as patient as you need them to be. This is your process, and rushing you can influence you to make rash decisions that you regret. Decisions should be made out of ample information and careful decision making…although some real estate decisions, like offers, do have a time clock of course.
3. Someone that clearly explains situations in a way that you understand, and answers any and all questions you have (including ones that you might be afraid to ask, thinking it’s a ‘stupid question’…because there are no stupid questions when it comes to your home!).
4. Knows how to find potential dream homes in your price range, including those coming to market. And, is available to alert you of these properties quickly.
5. Will offer you advice—and a good reason—why to offer a certain price for a home.
6. Will expertly negotiate on your behalf—including items that can cause you headaches (and wallet aches!), like closing dates and conditions, in addition to price. In the end their negotiations can save you thousands of dollars, on the price—and ancillary costs
7. Will bring up important points, like bridge financing if there’s a gap between purchase and sale of your current Edmonton home for sale.
8. Post offer, and pre- and post- closing your Real Estate sales representative should stay involved in the process, offering advice on things like top-notch home inspectors, movers, mortgage professionals and more.

The hard truth is that not every agent offers the services listed above. Find one that does. And find one that overall, you feel comfortable with…because you’re going to be spending a lot of time with them, and you need someone you can speak openly with.

Where to Start

The best place to start is to open the lines of communications between you and your potential Edmonton Real Estate Agent(s). I sincerely hope that I will be on that shortlist, and encourage you to give me a call or email. Within a short chat I have no doubt that you’ll feel comfortable enough to consider me as your Real Estate Pro…now and in the future.